Henretta Engineering Guitar Effects

Hand Made in Saint Paul, Minnesota


Artists Using Henretta Engineering Products


“I’m Charlie Singleton, lead guitarist of the group CAMEO. It used to be “The Bigger The Better” but Henretta Engineering has proven that it’s not always the size of the dog in the fight, but rather the fight in the dog. With their new line of effects cubes, space is no longer a problem on your pedal board because they fit just about anywhere. I’m not one for doing stretches before a gig just to reach some of my effects pedals, which is why the Orange Whip Compressor and the Crimson Tremolo fits perfectly into my setup and the quality is unsurpassed. Check out the full line of Henretta Engineering effects pedals and you’ll see why these little babies are the next big thing.”

“...Henretta has made themselves a clever niche having ventured into the opposite realm of most builders by taking a minimalist approach.  By embracing this philosophy the company is able to focus on the most important aspect of designing any pedal – tone.”   Nick - The Pedal File


“If you want great tone, surprising creativity, plenty of room on your board and to keep the focus on your playing rather than twiddling knobs, these little pedals pack a big punch. Like sonic soul candies that unwrap the truest tone and bite into the music of the cosmos. 

Henretta pedals are simple and simply the best.”

JESSE JOHNSON - The Time and amazing solo work

“I really dig Henretta pedals a ton.  I dig the sound, the compact size,  the build quality,  and Kevin is a cool dude as well!  I use the Emerald Prince,  Purple Octopus, & Bluebird Fuzz.  ‘Beautiful, Sweet, Passionate, Colour, Angry’ are some of the adjectives that comes to mind when I turn on Kevin's stuff.  Thanks Kevin for adding a blend pot to my Octopus!“


Uses a custom Emerald Prince preamp.

BRIAN WOOTEN - Trace Adkins

Uses an Orange Whip compressor.


Uses a Choad Blaster.

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Uses the Choad Blaster and Emerald Prince and had the following to say about them.

Emerald Prince

"If your overdrives sound like toys, if your overall sound is weak and thin as a flower stem or if you are always looking to sound fatter and bigger, so this Emerald Prince Pre Amp by Kevin Henretta is for you.  It is simple and fat, little but huge ! 

Indeed, in the smallest pedal of the market you got the bigger sound. For my case, I put it in the end of my pedalboard. With that, my sound is bigger and fuller (with rich low-mid in the 300-400hz frequencies) with a slight mid hump to compensate  and a superb preservation of the high end for a balanced sound without being muddy or too bright.  It is the best tool for adding an "I don't know what" to your sound that makes it better.  Personnally, in the end of my board, in a really small corner, I let it always on to rock on everytime I make a gig. With that little green bag (musical reference !), gigging is a even more a pleasure."

Choad Blaster

"Crazy name but crazy sound too. Indeed it is a pedal for the always unsatisfied people like me : "I want an overdrive with balls, but not a bad and dirty distortion, not a sticky thin fuzz but with a great vintage vibe...". 

Why did I say that ? Because it is an overdrive, good distortion and super terrible vintage but precise fuzz. I can make a slight classic rock crunch or a big metal distortion but also a super-sustain fuzz (as Phillip Sayce for giving and example). Moreover, with the trimpot inside, you can adjust the compression for a modern "Muse" compressed fuzz/overdrive/distortion sound or a more vintage sound with a great headroom (that is rare for a fuzz pedal).

So if you don't have a girlfriend, you should have the Choad Blaster for your lonely night blues, crazy night gigging or backstage hidden pleasure."


Uses an Orange Whip and Purple Octopus and does a mean Hendrix set every so often.  Tyler also has his own line of hand-wound pickups - Henderson Pickups.